Breathing bag


Breathing bag is used with any type of breathing apparatus, serves to collect the exhaled air and supply the necessary volume of air during inspiration.

The product is designed to provide the conditions for an airtight circuit during the ventilator testing process.

To prevent foreign objects from entering the breathing circuit. To perform artificial lung ventilation as part of the breathing circuit.


  • Single-use breathing bag is made of latex-free neoprene; reusable bag is made of silicone.
  • Single-use and reusable breathing bag is available in the following versions: 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml.
  • Equipped with an internal anti-blocking system and reinforced with transverse ribs for better bag fixation.
  • The bag-to-connector connection point is additionally reinforced with an external sealing adhesive strip.
  • The breathing bag volume should not be less than the maximum person's inspiratory volume.
  • The bag has a 22F output and can be equipped with an additional 22M/15F-22M adapter.
Additional Information
  • Non-sterile or sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • Apyrogenic, non-toxic, phthalate-free.
  • Shelf life (sterility) - 5 years from the date of manufacture.