Anaesthesia face masks

Respiratory masks are intended for mask artificial ventilation of lungs or for hardware-mask anaesthesia.



Single-use breathing masks are equipped with a soft inflatable cuff  ensuring a tight fit of the mask to the face of the patient  with minimal effort.

It has a nipple valve for inflating the cuff.

Transparent mask material allows to monitor patient's condition.

Standard connector for connecting to different breathing circuits.

It has a ring for the locking device, marked with colour, depending on the size of the mask.

Available in 0 to 6 sizes.

The product is sterile.

Can be for single or multiple use;

Single-use respiratory masks are made of medical PVC.

Repeated use is made of silicone.

Packed in individual packing.

Shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the date of manufacture.