Oxygen masks

Oxygen masks are designed for active oxygen therapy. Can be used both in inpatient and outpatient conditions.


The transparent mask material allows to control visually the mucous and skin condition of the patient, control the patient breathing.

Thermoplastic mask material softens at body temperatureand does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Easily fixed on the face of the patient with a flexible nasal clamp and elastic fixation tape;

Mask edges are atraumatic, rounded and smoothened that provides high comfort of the patient.

The holes on the side surfaces of the mask provide good ventilation.

According to customer's request it is supplied with / without oxygen tube.

The length of the oxygen tube is not less than 1800 mm.

Can be for adults and children.

The product is sterile, for single use.

Made of medical PVC.

Packed in individual packing.

Shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the date of manufacture.