Cochlear implants

Cochlear Nucleus systems are currently the most intelligent and highly automated systems.
Thousands of people around the world have already appreciated the opportunity to hear with the help of one of our systems.

Today Cochlear is ready to offer to the candidates for Cochlear implantation the best possible technology, because it considers that it important that its patients have excellent results, freely feel themselves in any acoustic situation. The company offers systems that can be easily used and operated; system that provides the best results of surgical intervention and rapid tuning.



  • ompact, thin titanium shock-resistant implant body, covered with a silicone shell, with the possibility of use in children from 12 months and even earlier;
  • high rate of stimulation in the channels of the electrode array;
  • the choice of an implant with a straight or curved lattice, which reduces the traumatism of the operation;
  • improving the quality of telemetry of the nervous response, which allows for more precise tuning;
  • implant, which allows to preserve residual hearing;
  • a new revolutionary technology SmartSound to improve the perception of sounds in any environment;
  • possibility of conducting magnetic resonance tomography up to 1.5 T without extracting the magnet and up to 3 T with temporary removal of the magnet;
  • all new generations of speech processors (external part of the implantation system) of Cochlear are compatible with all previous generations of implants (internal part)

Cochlear's products traditionally have the highest levels of reliability and safety.