Sound processor Nucleus 6

The Cochlear Nucleus 6 system is one of the developments in the long history of Cochlear's innovation.
At the moment this is the most intelligent system, it is highly automated, which further simplifies its use.

The Cochlear Nucleus 6 system is the most advanced solution to date, designed to achieve a specific goal - to help you enjoy an intelligent sound.

Sound processors are built on a new chip that allows to realize automatic adaptive signal processing functions and wireless communication with peripherals. Our new chip is five times more powerful than the chip Nucleus 5, the leader of this industry, which provides the possibility of using automated acoustic technology, wireless and much more.

Presented are the new sound processors Cochlear ™ Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor CP920, Cochlear ™ Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor CP910. The CP 920 differs from the CP 910 in the absence of an audio input for wiring external sources of sound and, accordingly, in a smaller housing.



  • SmartSound iQ - sound processing system to improve the quality of speech perception and intelligibility;
  • automation - analysis of acoustic environment and choice of the best configuration of the speech processor;
  • wireless connection of the speech processor with various audio devices using a set of accessories: Cochlear ™ Wireless Mini Microphone, Cochlear ™ Wireless TV Streamer, Cochlear ™ Wireless Phone Clip;
  • integrated hearing aid: Each processor allows acoustic stimulation to be fully utilized for residual hearing;
  • data logging system - data logging;
  • miniature size;
  • protection from splashes and sweat

Remote control:

Wireless Remote Assistant  CR230 allows you to monitor the situation, whether you want to check the battery charge or solve simple questions without contacting the clinic. The two-way communication between the remote control device and the sound processor allows you to see how the sound processor works - a full-color LCD display instantly shows which program or situation setting is installed at one time or another.

Remote Assistant CR210 has limited functionality: less ability to configure and receive data from the speech processor.