Peristeric nitin stent Resistant


The company Eucatech AG (Rheinfelden, Germany) was founded in 1997, today has an extensive distribution network in more than 30 countries. Mostly Eucatech AG specializes in vascular interventional cardiology and radiology. Among the main products of this company you will find balloon catheters, stents, stenting systems, multi-purpose catheters, drug-coated stents, stenting systems with medicated coating, as well as a unique Comouflage® coating process

System for stenting of peripheral arteries with self-expanding nitinol stent RESISTANT, compatible with 0.035 "conductor.


A large dimensional row allows to solve various tasks with stenting of peripheral arteries. The unique design of the stent provides an optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility, excellent apposition to the walls of the vessel and resistance to kinks. The presence of tantalum markers along the edges of the stent and X-ray contrast markers on the delivery system ensure good visualization. The design of the delivery system ensures controlled opening and, if necessary, reverse retraction of the stent.