Foley catheter

Foley catheter
Foley catheter is used for prolonged (up to 7 days) catheterization of the bladder and various medical manipulations.


  • can be 2-way or 3-way;
  • the 3-way catheter has an additional port for installation and rinsing;
  • catheter for children (Ch 6-10) has a conductor, which facilitates its introduction;
  • smooth transition from the balloon to the catheter shaft reduces the possibility of injury during catheterization;
  • double sterile package for aseptic bladder catheterization, vertical incisions on both sides of the inner package is provided to release the proximal and distal ends of the catheter;
  • packaged in expanded way, which allows to introduce the catheter directly from the package, without touching it;
  • the anti-return valve of the catheter is designed to fill the balloon with a syringe without a needle;



  • outer diameter D, CH - from 4 to 36, colour coding of the connector in accordance with international standards;
  • sterile, designed for single use;
  • made of high-quality latex coated with silicone;
  • closed end, 2 side holes;
  • designed for prolonged (up to 7 days) catheterization of the bladder and various manipulations;
  • packed in individual packaging;
  • shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the production date

It is allowed to change the length, the design of the end part of the catheters and the replacement of the connector in agreement with the customer.