Rectal catheter

Rectal catheter
Rectal catheter is used after surgical interventions on the intestine.


  • rectal mucosa absorbs medicines almost as quickly as intravenous injection, so it is necessary to avoid the use of phthalate-containing products in this area;
  • thermoplastic material softens at body temperature;
  • catheter has atraumatic closed end, 2 lateral openings;


  • outer diameter D, CH - from 4 to 36, colour coding of the connector in accordance with international standards;
  • length L, mm 150 – 4000;
  • tube with / without radiopaque marker band;
  • tube material: transparent thermoplastic implant-non-toxic medical PVC, does not contain phthalates, with / without lubricant, frozen tube, with / without scale;
  • sterile, designed for single use;
  • can be produced in a different configuration according to the customer request;
  • packed in individual packaging;
  • shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the date of manufacture

It is allowed to change the length, the design of the end part of the catheters and the replacement of the connector in agreement with the customer.