Suction straight catheter

Suction catheter
Suction catheter is intended for aspiration of the tracheobronchial secretion and sputum from the respiratory tract of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation, as well as independently breathing through a tracheostomy or endotracheal tube.


  • the smooth surface of the drainage tube reduces the adhesion of fibrin and contributes to a more efficient outflow;
  • good sliding properties make it easy to conduct catheters for aspiration through endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes;
  • the length of the drainage tube is sufficient for draining complex cavities;
  • the glow does not overlap when twisting. Sufficient length provides easy access to the trachea and bronchi;
  • an open atraumatic distal end with one lateral opening;


  • outer diameter D, CH - from 4 to 36, colour coding of the connector in accordance with international standards;
  • length L, mm - 100 - 2000;
  • tube with / without RCP;
  • tube material: transparent thermoplastic implant-non-toxic medical PVC, does not contain phthalates, frozen tube, with / without metric;
  • sterile, designed for single use;
  • can be produced in a different configuration according to the customer request;
  • packed in individual packaging;
  • shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the date of manufacture

It is allowed to change the length, the design of the end part of the catheters and the replacement of the connector in agreement with the customer.