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Asomedica Co.Ltd is a leading manufacturer of medical consumables and a distributor of medical equipment from global manufacturers. The authority of our company is supported by our intensive work not only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We are widely known for our products on the markets of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. The availability of maintenance service and our skilled engineering staff enable us to install, commission, provide warranty and post-warranty service for the supplied equipment.

  • 14 years on the market of the Republic of Belarus
  • team of professionals more than 250 people
  • sales department - 20 qualified doctors
  • since 2010 our products have started to conquer the markets of Eastern Europe
  • successful work experience, individual approach to each client helps us to be among the leaders among medical companies
  • all products comply with the international standard ISO 13485


Asomedica Co.Ltd
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18th resident company of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone"

The team of professionals makes diagnostic ultrasound equipment and a wide range of medical products

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