Neonatal breathing circuits


Circuits are compatible with most lung ventilators and anesthesia and respiratory devices.

  • Breathing circuits with heating wires provide temperature control of the air mixture delivered to the patient, creating the optimal temperature conditions for ventilation and preventing condensation in the circuit lumen.
  • Breathing circuits are equipped with various components and accessories.
  • The characteristics, types, sizes and quantity of products are determined by the customer.
  • Components included in a circuit may be packaged in a separate individual package and then put together with the product in the general packaging, or enclosed next to it.

Single-use, consisting of:

  • Y-adapter (0-2 pcs);              
  • Straight adapter (1-20 pcs);               
  • Angle adapter (0-5 pcs);              
  • Articulated adapter (0-5 pcs);         
  • T-connector (0-3 pcs);                 
  • Filter with/without heat and moisture exchange (0-5 pcs); 
  • Moisture collector (0-2 pcs);
  • Humidifier (0-2 pcs);
  • Tube (1-10 pcs);
  • Breathing bag, volume: 500 ml, 1000 ml (0-5 pcs);
  • Breathing mask, size: 0, I, 2 (0-5 pcs);
  • Heating wire (0-2 pcs);
  • Monitoring line (0-5 pcs).
Additional Information
  • Sterile products are packed in individual sterile packaging.
  • Moisture protection during storage.
  • Apyrogenic, non-toxic, phthalate-free.
  • Non-sterile or sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • Non-configurable or smooth-bore tube.