Leg urine bags

leg bag
Leg urine bags are designed for patients who walk and live an active lifestyle, creating comfort and freedom of movement.


They are equipped with two ribbons for fixing to the leg, which does not limit the social functions of the patient. It is equipped with a valve against the backflow of urine. There is a drain valve at the bottom of the bag. The walls of the bag  are transparent for better visibility of colour and quantity of urine. It is equipped with a flexible tube, resistant to bends, on the end of the tube a conical connector with a cap, ideally suited to any size catheter and external male catheter. The ability to attach to both the hip and the shin. Reliable fastening with elastic bands with special fasteners. The tightness of the elastic bands is regulated by a special fastener.

Designed for use both men and women. If necessary, can be used as a bedside urine bag.


  • sterile (sterilization with ethylene oxide) / non-sterile;
  • made of soft polyvinyl chloride, which does not irritate the skin;
  • the bag  has a scale;
  • the volume of leg urine bags are  0.5 – 1 l;
  • individual sterile packaging;
  • shelf life (sterility) is 5 years from the date of manufacture

Properties and benefits of bedside and leg urine bags:

● universal adapter allows to connect reliable to the urinary catheter;

● the bend tube, which is resistant to bends, makes it convenient to place the urine receiver, and the fixing holes on the bag-fix it in an upright position;

● the bag of the catheter is equipped with a special non-return valve, which prevents urine backflow, significantly reducing the risk of developing an ascending infection;

● the volume of collected fluid is easily read from the scale located on the front semi-transparent side of the urine bag;

● the drain valve allows to take urine samples for analysis and emptying the bag if needed