Dokimos Plus Bovine Pericardium Heart Valve Prostheses


Company Labcor Laboratorios Ltd was established in 1984 as an enterprise for the production of high-tech biological prostheses of heart valves and other biological materials for medical purposes.

Currently, the factory Labcor Laboratorios Ltd produce up to 20,000 items per year. As a market leader in Brazil, the company has an extensive network of distributors and exports its products to Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, many countries in Asia and Africa.

The main advantage of biological prostheses of heart valves is the minimal risk of blood clots, and, accordingly, the lack of the need for lifelong reception of anticoagulant drugs.

Modern biological heart valves prosthesis company Labcor Laboratorios Ltd  have the best technical and anatomical characteristics, are characterized by high reliability and safety.

To date, more than 150,000 patients around the world have been treated with biological prostheses and materials from Labcor Laboratorios Ltd.

Dokimos Plus bovine pericardium prosthetic aortic and mitral heart valve has more than 20 years of successful use in clinics in Latin America, Western Europe and Asia.



The technology of biological material processing - Reducer's ® - reduces the antigenicity of biological tissue, the content of lipids in it, eliminates most calcium binding points, and also optimizes the cross-links of collagen molecules, increasing the biological stability of the tissue.

In the process of processing with glutaraldehyde, xenopericardium is not subjected to stress during fixation (zero pressure), which allows preserving structural integrity and required mechanical properties.

The prosthesis has an extended shelf life. It is supplied in a thermo-insulating container with a thermo-stable filler (thermogel). The presence of integrated thermo sensors eliminates transport and storage disruptions.


For each type, a bullish pericardium of a certain thickness is used and a unique design of the pattern of the leaflets is used. The use of laser detection of thickness and density of xenopericardium and the computer pattern of the flaps ensures high quality and absolute repeatability of the produced devices.

  • A special pattern eliminates the contact of the pericardium and non-biological components in the mechanically movable parts of the prosthesis.
  • The use of additional pericardial "pads" in the area of ​​the stent racks minimizes the wear of the folding device and prolongs the life of the prosthesis. The gaskets are stitched with a "cross" seam.
  • Combined conical frame (stent) of conical form from acetate homopolymer with insert of cobalt-chromium alloy of medical brand L605 evenly distributes and absorbs mechanical energy, minimizes wear of the folding device.
  • The design of the suture ring of aortic models allows for both intra- and sporananular implantation. The saddle asymmetrical design of the suture ring of mitral patterns corresponds to the natural geometry of the mitral valve and prevents uneven wear of the folding device.
  • The silicone cuff trimmed with PTFE-tissue excludes seam eruption and the formation of pressure sores.
  • The device design provides high hemodynamic efficiency - the highest possible EOA / TAD ratio for each prosthesis size and low transvalvescent pressure gradient.
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