T07 Pulmonary Valved Conduit

T07 Pulmonary valved conduit Labcor.



Frameless pulmonary valve-containing conduit Labcor consists of a frameless porcine three-part valve inside the pericardial tube of cattle, corrugated to achieve a stable tube configuration.

  • Excellent hemodynamics with a small drop as a result of a larger lumen for blood flow due to the elimination of the muscular lobe of the valve.
  • The integrity of the tube is optimized thanks to a double structure, each of which is interrupted every centimeter.
  • The process of Labcor tissue processing combines zero-pressure fixation and methods for lowering the lipid layer of tissues.
  • Birefringent character of striation of collagen fibers.
  • High concentration of collagen fibers.

Frameless pulmonary valve-containing conduit Labcor is sterile, not pyrogenic, impregnated with 0.2% glutaraldehyde solution.

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