TLPB Porcine Heart Valve Prosthesis

TLPB porcine
TLPB porcine
TLPB porcine
TLPB porcine
TLPB porcine
TLPB porcine
Skeletal biological porcine prosthesis of aortic and mitral heart valves.



The frame biologic prosthesis of the heart valves TLPB from "Labcor Laboratorios" is a pork aortic valve that preserves the natural tricuspid geometry and is characterized by a low profile design. A special process of biological tissue conservation combined with design and manufacturing experience makes the TLPB valve an ideal replacement for your own valve-affected valve (over 60,000 implants).

Natural three-part construction

  • Excellent hemodynamic parameters due to the increased area of ​​transvalvular blood flow and the removal of muscle elements in the collection of porcine valves.
  • Optimum matching and excellent geometric shapes of the flaps are achieved by carefully selecting 3 identical leaflets from a large number of porcine valves.
  • The method of biological tissue processing by Labcor includes processes aimed at removing tissue lipids by treatment with glutaraldehyde.
  • Combined frame, having stands of acetate homopolymer and a ring reinforced with an insert of cobalt-chromium alloy of medical grade.
  • The silicone cuff, covered with PTFE-cloth, excludes seam eruption and the formation of pressure sores.
  • Thromboreistant treatment of synthetic prosthesis materials having contact with the patient's blood.

Porсine pericardi pads on the stent racks

  • The contact of synthetic and biological material is excluded.
  • Minimize the mechanical wear of the leaflets.

Shock seam in the area of ​​the pillars

Preservation with zero pressure

  • Preserves natural bonds in collagen molecules.
  • It makes the valve more elastic and durable.
  • Increased to 3 years shelf life after production.